The Falk family has been running basketball and officiating camps at various locations throughout Illinois for 43 years and have succeeded because we emphasize the following:

OUR PHILOSOPHY:  First and foremost, ours is a “teaching camp”.  We teach fundamentals and instruct players on how to properly play the game of basketball.  Additionally, we teach youngsters what they need to become quality adults.  We stress academics, attitude, behavior, and citizenship.  Our belief is that camps should exist to teach, which we have done well for more than 30 years.

OUR PROGRAM: Our proven program combines individual fundamental development, basic and advanced team concepts, game situations, several competitions, and full court games to emphasize all aspects of basketball.  The importance of sportsmanship and the proper attitude are stressed throughout our program.   We have a proven system in place.  Each year we simply refine and implement it.

QUALITY OF STAFF: We have essentially the same coaching staff each year.  Some of our staff have been with us for 30 plus years.  This provides continuity and the assurance that we will be offering the best staff and program that a camp can offer.  Further, Rich Falk and Geoff Falk are at camp 24 hours a day to ensure that all activities proceed in the best interests of all involved.

The Rich Falk Basketball Camp shows young men what it takes to succeed in basketball and in life.   It is our feeling that summer camps should focus on learning to play the game correctly and confidently in a fun atmosphere.  Certainly we cannot take credit for their success, but our camps have assisted in the development of many high school, college, and professional basketball players.  

High level of supervision

Experienced staff with excellent coach-to-camper ratio

Special  guest speakers

Free Camp T-shirt

Many competitions for awards

Top facilities and food (all-you-can-eat)

Air-conditioned gym, cafeteria, and dormitory allowing 2 boys to a bedroom

Friends or groups may request rooms near one another