How long has the Rich Falk Basketball Camp been in existence?



How involved is Rich Falk in the camp?



May parents visit the camp?



How are the boys grouped for games, drills, etc.?



Will my son be able to room with or near his friend?



How are the dorm rooms organized?



What areas of the Rich Falk Basketball Camp are air-conditioned?



What is the ratio of staff to campers?



My son may have a baseball game or two during camp.  Is it OK for us to take him out of camp for a few hours to play baseball?



Who is on your staff?  How do you choose them?


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1. The Rich Falk Basketball Camp began in the summer of 1980. We will be conducting our 40th year of camp in the summer of 2019.

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2. Rich Falk is involved in all aspects of the camp. He and his son, Geoff, organize the camp and are on-site 24 hours a day. They and their wives stay in the dorm with the campers as does their whole staff. Rich is in front of the campers instructing throughout the day and is in the gym with the campers.

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3. Parents are welcome to visit at any time. Typically, they choose to visit the gym in the evening to watch the games, but they are welcome at any time.

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4. We organize the campers into divisions based on age, size, and ability to make the divisions well balanced.

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5. Your son can request one roommate and we make every attempt to satisfy that request. If several friends want to be near each other, we put them in rooms near each other.

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6. Each room has two beds for two campers. We are not allowed to put three campers in a two person bedroom. If several friends attend camp, we put them in rooms near each other.

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7. All facilities that the Rich Falk Basketball Camp uses are air-conditioned. The dormitory, cafeteria, and the Meyer Sports Complex are all air-conditioned.

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8. We advertise that we have a minimum ratio of 10 campers to every one staff person, but we actually have even better supervision with a ratio of more like 7 campers to each staff person.

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9. This happens fairly often and is not a problem. Any such conflicts should be directed to Susan Falk (Rich's wife) and she will keep track of these conflicts and when your son will leave and return. Please contact her on or before the first day of camp to alert her of your son's situation.

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10. We are very proud of our staff. Most of our staff return to work with us year after year. Some of our coaches and division heads have been with us for 30 plus years. That continuity and familiarity is a great benefit to our campers. We have at least one Athletic Trainer on site 24 hours a day. Our counselors are typically former campers who we have developed a relationship with over the years and know our expectations. This continuity helps preserve a "family" feel to our camp. Our staff knows our program, philosophy, and goals and they arrive at camp excited to be back.

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